Has your community group been affected by the floods and Cyclone Gabrielle? There is support available.

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Government Funding Support

On Monday, 13 February, the Government announced an $11.5 million Community Support Package for NGOs and community groups involved in or affected by the floods and Cyclone Gabrielle. This support package has now become available, and community groups can apply for funding.

Here is the funding your community group can apply for if you are helping with the recovery:

  • Community support fund
    This fund is available for community groups supporting communities affected by Cyclone Gabrielle who are not contracted to a government agency.
  • Community providers fund
    This fund is for providers who already have government contracts to support affected communities.

There is more information about the funds mentioned above, and additional funding available, on the Ministry of Social Development’s website. For further guidance on any of these funds, please contact MSD at community_information@msd.govt.nz.

Additional Flood Relief Funding & Resources

Here is a guide to flood relief and resources for our Auckland and Northland communities produced by Centre for Social Impact.

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Government Help for Individuals & Families

You can access information about available help for individuals or families here.