At the heart of community is connection – Timaru Muslim Educational Trust

Dr Teh Arfah Dr Teh Arfah from the Timaru Muslim Educational Trust says this COVID-19 Lockdown period has been a difficult time for everyone and their community is no different. People’s living and livelihoods are affected. “For us, the hardest part is not being able to go for prayers to…...

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Isolation brings innovation in the Deep South – Bluff Isolation Support Group

Community helping community has been the focus during COVID-19 Lockdown, even at the southern edge of our country. Reaching isolated rural communities Tammi Topi, from the Bluff Isolation Support Group, reflects on her work co-ordinating a community response for Bluff and the region. “We have a wide range of isolated…...

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How the Wellington Luo Community are working together during COVID-19

In this COVID-19 Lockdown, Jude Opira Bidong and other volunteers of the Luo Community are already busy. They’re transporting and delivering essential goods and food from supermarkets to their community members who are elderly, sick or unable to get to the shops themselves because of self isolation requirements. Some have…...

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