More non-profits to get skilled help with grant applications

We’re excited to announce that, after a successful pilot, we’re now partnering with KPMG New Zealand on Hui E!’s Grant Writing Support Programme – Hoa Pūtea Moni.

“As the pandemic took hold last year, Hui E! wanted to find a way to help the community organisations we represent. We know they are usually low on both funding and on time, so we found a way to solve both those problems,” says Rochelle Stewart-Allen, Pou Kaiarahi (General Manager) at Hui E! Community Aotearoa.

Following the successful launch of the programme last year, we ran a pilot with KPMG New Zealand last November as part of its skilled volunteering programme. We matched up 11 community organisations with skilled grant writers from KPMG that supported the organisations to make applications for much needed funds.

“We’re delighted to welcome KPMG New Zealand into the Hui E! whānau to help connect their skilled volunteers with community organisations needing support,” says Rochelle Stewart-Allen.


Home Kitchen’s Tania Jones described the help she received on grant applications last year as invaluable.

“If I think about it in terms of tangible benefits, it would have saved me about 10, 15 hours of work to be able to have [our volunteer] Alex draft and design the application. It’s also provided us with content for future applications, so there’s a saving and efficiency there – I can direct my time and energy into other areas of the organisation to boost the work we do.”

For KPMG volunteer Alex King, working with Home Kitchen was a way to contribute to the community and learn about issues that were new to him.

“To learn so much more about the journey that refugees go on and then some of their struggles in integrating into New Zealand really turned a light on for me.”

KPMG New Zealand and Hui E! Community Aotearoa have now agreed to extend the programme to 30 volunteer grant writers and community organisations that need support to access grants, primarily from government, over the next year.

Justine Todd, KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship Senior Manager, said the programme has been of huge benefit to its employees and they’ve picked up new skills too.

“[They’ve been] learning about community organisations that they didn’t know about before. Some of our volunteers have got involved with organisations they’re now super passionate about and are extending the relationship personally. It’s had multiple benefits for our people and we just hope the impact will be the same for the community organisations.”

We think it will! If you’d like to be matched with a grant writer, or would like to volunteer, find out more on the Hui E! website.