Helping community and voluntary groups build resilience and thrive

The Community Resilience Programme provides support for Aotearoa’s tangata whenua, community and voluntary groups to build resilience and thrive. 

The kaupapa delivers a series of community and social initiatives to help strengthen community hauora and resilience at a community organisational level. 

This includes offering practical advice, support and connection for community groups in need. 

Our programme areas 

  • Hoa Pūtea | Grant Writing Support Programme grant writing support for small community groups 
  • Tūhono Pūkenga | Skills Connect – skills-based matches to help grow strengths, knowledge, skills & impact of community groups 
  • Ratonga Tohunga Herekore | NGO Advisory Services – advisory support to small community groups to help them build their knowledge and strength 
  • Kaupapa Tātou Tātou | Wellbeing Programme – supporting community leaders to improve their personal and organisational hauora.

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