Invitation to a Briefing Funding relationships research project:    Date: Monday 20 March 2017, 10 – 11am   Venue: Hui E!, Level 4, 120 Featherston Street, corner of Waring Taylor St, Wellington   In the NGO sector we have a lot of experience of having our work evaluated and judged. And because the users of our services are seldom the direct purchases of these we have relationships with funding bodies and compete with each other for their support.   Individually and collectively we know a great deal about what contributes to effective sustainable funding and the development of innovative services. Little work has been done to organise that body of knowledge and utilise that to improve the quality of funding relationships.   This research project aims to gather up the knowledge across our sector about the behaviours and processes which contribute to quality funding relationships and then develop a set of indicators of these. I research instrument will then be designed so that community organisations can, with complete confidentiality, rate the funders with whom they interact against these indicators.   The data will be analysed to produce a set of league tables which will be published and enable funders, and their political masters, to receive very valid and direct feedback on their performance. A cycle of regular surveys will enable the tracking of improvement over time and provide further research opportunities in learning about what is most effective to achieve these improvements.   This is research for social change. It is about addressing the asymmetries of power between funding bodies and the NGOs and enabling the development of more healthy and respectful relationships.   John Stansfield is a senior lecturer in Community Development at Unitec. He is former director of advocacy at Oxfam and one-time CEO of the Problem Gambling Foundation. He led the Cleanstream social enterprise on Waiheke Island and is chair of the Waiheke Resources Trust.   RSVP Please to:   Enquiries to: – John Stansfield – +64  021844639 – Dave Henderson –

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