Message for all Formal Supporters and Sector Champions registered with Hui E!


In line with the Hui E! Community Aotearoa trust deed we are seeking 3 new trustees who will be elected by Hui E! Formal Supporters to stand for a term of 3 years.

These three Trustees will be in addition to the six existing inaugural Trustees, who will  be completing their second terms on a staggered basis.

Trustees use the following list in assessing the qualities sought in a Hui E! Trustee:  strategic thinking, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, commitment to Hui E! Purpose & Principles, critical thinking, organisational structures & systems, financial management, legal issues, knowledge of the whole sector, ability to focus on both national issues and regional diversity.

Existing Trustees are:  Simon Cayley (New Plymouth, Board Chair), Sonya Rimene (Auckland, Board Vice Chair), Marion Blake (Wellington), Bronwyn Yates (Auckland), Julie Haggie (Wellington), Pat Watson (Auckland)


Hui E! Formal Supporters may nominate any individual who brings appropriate skills and experience to the Board of Hui E!  They do not need to be associated with the nominating or seconding organisation.


The Hui Trust Deed says:

6.1        There will be a maximum of nine (9) Trustees and a minimum of five (5) Trustees.  A minimum of three (3) Trustees will be Elected Trustees (see Clause 6.7) with the remainder being Appointed Trustees (see Clause 6.9). …

6.4          Trustees will be elected/appointed for a term of up to three years and can be re-elected/re-appointed for a maximum of one more consecutive term of up to three years, which, subject to clause 6.7, gives them a maximum consecutive term of six years.

6.5       To qualify to be elected, nominated or appointed as a Trustee, and remain a Trustee, Trustees must be in good standing in the community.  Good standing relates to someone’s honesty, professionalism and integrity and where any issue arises as to good standing this shall be determined in each case by the Trustees.  Trustees must meet the charity services officer requirements. …

6.7       Elected Trustees will be elected by Formal Supporters.  Depending on the methods allowed for exercising a vote (see Voting Policy-clause 6.8) the election shall occur at and/or prior to the Annual Meeting, with the results announced at the Annual Meeting.



The Voting Policy says:

  1. Each year, Trustees will determine how many elected Trustees are needed in the coming 12 months (in line with the ratios established in clause 6.1 of the Trust Deed) and whether or not the length of term for each new Trustee will be three years or a lesser period. …
  2. In looking at the number of Elected Trustees, the Trustees will take into account the skills matrix of existing Trustees, and any gaps in the mix of Trustees
  3. Any person can be nominated, and any Formal Supporter can make or second a nomination


2015 Nomination form

Nominees are asked to complete the Board Nomination Form and provide a brief one page summary of their CV or resume, which will be circulated amongst Formal Supporters as part of the election process. 

Formal Supporters will be informed of the nominations received after the closing date.  If no more than the required number of nominations are received by that date, those nominees will be declared to have been elected.  If more than the required number are received, voting information will be sent out to Formal Supporters.  Voting will be web-based, using a preferential voting system, with voters ranking candidates.

Confirmation of Board Members will be made at the Hui E! Annual Meeting on November 23 

Download the Nomination Form here





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